basic instructions for your headshots

Now that we are done with your photo shoot here’s what you can expect. I will be uploading ALL of your photos to a private gallery that I will send you in a few days. Once you receive that please go through and select your favorite 5 photos for me to edit.  Once I have your favorite 5 it will take me approximately 2-3 weeks to get them edited for you. If you have any special needs for printing let me know and I can help you with that.


selecting your favorite 5

I recommend creating a login before selecting your favorites in case you need to come back or take breaks you won't lose your place. To do that click on the "Client Access" tab at the top of the screen, then click on "Login or Register" fill in the short form then follow the steps below.

1.     Go to your gallery link I provided you

2.     On the upper right click the button that says “Select Photos”

3.     Select your favorite 5 by clicking on each photo (if you have more than 5 and you just cant seem to figure out which ones are best, just put them all in there and I will edit the best ones). If you want more than 5, I charge $15 more per photo.

4.     When your done selecting all your favorites click “Add to Favorites” at the top

5.     It will ask you to name your favorites folder.

6.     Once you have added your photos they will go to your favorites, which you will now see in the upper left hand corner

7.     Click on the favorites folder you just created and select “send to”

8.     Be sure it is on the tab “send to photographer”

9.     Fill out the short form and the select “share”

10.  That’s it! Then I will see them in my email and get to editing them



1.     Go to your gallery link I provided you

2.     On the upper right click the button that says “Select Photos”

3.     Then click on each photo you would like to download OR on the left side you can click “All” and it will select all   your photos.

4.     Then Select “Download”


printing from your gallery

1.     Go to your gallery link I provided you

2.     On the right hand side you will see a “Buy” button

3.     Hover your mouse over the “Buy” button

4.     You will see "select photos to buy" click that

5.     Click on each photo you want to buy

6.     From here you have 2 options “Buy Selected” or “Save for Later”

7.     “Buy Selected” takes you through the process of purchasing prints

8.     “Save for Later” saves your photos in a “Favorite Folder” you will see show up on the left hand side of your screen.

*  You can have more than one favorite’s folder. Say you want to select some photos to share with a friend or family member or select a special print order for later or you want to download a favorite’s folder set. There are many different options for your favorites folders.

When you print from your gallery the order goes through mpix.com but if you don’t like the order process through your gallery you might find that you like it much better if you download your photos and go to mpix.com’s website instead or another photo printing site. I don't like the quality of the prints from costco, walmart, shutterfly, or any other really cheep photo printing place. There are many good ones that are inexpensive and many really bad ones. If you want some recommendations or want to ask me if a certain place is good for prints just let me know. Im here to help in any way you need me. 


If you have any questions or need any help with your order please don’t hesitate to call me or text me anytime 760.807.3477


Thank You!


Yvonne DeCarlo  |  Pine & Pebble Phtography  |   pinenpebble.com   |   c. 760.807.3477